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No matter where you are - create a joint team greeting card with just a few clicks. From anywhere and at any time!


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The original für eure Team-Grußkarten


It's that simple

1. choose a design

Find a design
from over 1,000 designs
for every occasion!

2. invite people

Send the map link
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Unlimited number of signatories always included

3. send the card

Select whether the designed card should be sent automatically or manually at the selected date and time.

Create an online greeting card as a team now!

Personalized online group cards


Erstelle in nur drei einfachen Schritten eine Grußkarte mit unbegrenzten Unterzeichner / Gratulanten und spar dir den Weg zum Laden.


You want to make someone happy together, but everyone is somewhere else? Sending group cards together worldwide is now very easy with Ocardoo!


Personal also goes digital! Creatively design your individual greeting card with text, gifs, photos and much more. So every Ocardoo greeting card is unique!


Digital greeting cards save our environment and are sustainable. Let's work together to conserve our limited resources.


The only portal for digital group greeting cards in which everyone can participate! Patented and unique in the European area.

Ocardoo has everything you need

Always the right motive

Invite signatories incl.

Shipping from
Video and audio files

Individual personal

many options

Unlimited signatories

Unlimited number of signatories always included

Link via SMS

If you wish, the recipient will receive the link to the greeting card via SMS.

Multiple recipients

Optionally, you can select multiple recipients

Video message

Optionally you can send videos with the greeting card with the premium model


Photos are always included. Embellish your greeting card with your personal photos


No matter where you all are right now. Ocardoo is available worldwide. Create together independent of time and place

Do you already have a greeting card for...?

Suggestions for you

But not the right greeting card motif?

Are you missing a category? A greeting card motif? Write us with pleasure! We will create the desired motif and put it online. Of course this is complete for you non-binding and free! 💌🎉

Abschiedskarte als Team versenden!

Versendet online als Team eine einzigartige Grußkarte.

Ein Kollege oder Kollegin hat gekündigt und ihr möchtet gemeinsam als Gruppe eine einzigartige Abschiedsgrußkarte gestalten? Doch du hast keine Zeit und keine Lust eine Papiergrußkarte zur Unterschrift herumzureichen? Zumal viele Kollegen oder Kolleginnen entweder im Home Office oder im Urlaub sind. Dies ist eine echte Herausforderung!

Das geht jetzt besser. Simple. Together. Digital.

Mit unseren Ocardoo-Gruppengrußkarten kannst du das einfach online and schnell erledigen. Du suchst eine Abschiedskarte aus und teilst den Link mit deinen Kollegen*innen, die orts- und zeitunabhängig die Greeting card mitgestalten.

Greeting card print

Greeting card yet quite traditional? No problem! We print your group greeting card.

But not a digital greeting card? Would you prefer to present the Ocardoo group greeting card as a physical greeting card in person in paper form? We have your finished group greeting card printed in a traditional bookbindery in Wuppertal. After printing, the greeting card is lovingly hand-bound with thread knot binding and prepared for mailing. We can also send the greeting card directly to the recipient.

Need multiple group greeting cards?

We have something for you!

With our greeting card package you save real money and even time & Co2 emissions!


Do you want your greeting card to several send recipient?

Now you can do that too! Simply create a card together as a team and send it with a personal address to several recipients and make many people happy.


So many group greeting cards have already been sent out

Group greeting cards sent

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