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How does Ocardoo work?

You want to please a colleague, a friend or a relative and send a greeting card with several people together?

Here we explain briefly and simply how Ocardoo works!

  1. Choose a greeting card that is suitable for the occasion and that you like

  2. Pay for your greeting card easily and securely via PayPal, Klarna or credit card.

  3. Enter your contact details and the details of the person (recipient/gratuitant) who is to receive the greeting card in the space provided.
    You enter the date and time when the greeting card should be delivered.
    Here you can also specify whether you want to look over the greeting card again before it is automatically sent to the congratulator/recipient.

  4. If you want to create and design the greeting card with more than one person, enter the contact details (name & email addresses) of all the people you want to participate in the next step.
    Please make sure that the e-mail addresses are entered correctly and completely.
    If the e-mail address is entered incorrectly, this person will not receive the link and will then not be able to participate in the design. That would be a pity.

  5. This group of people will then automatically receive a link from Ocardoo and an explanation by e-mail.

  6. You also have the option of copying the hyperlink and sending it directly to your contacts (e.g. e-mail or WhatsApp).
    These people can now contribute to the greeting card. This is very simple and intuitive.
    Everyone can design their own page on the greeting card. Be creative and let off steam.

    Once you have booked the basic model, you can upload photos and enter text.
    With the premium model, video and audio files can also be uploaded.

  7. The person who orders and pays for the greeting card has the opportunity to look over it before it is sent and delete any content if necessary.

  8. The card will be sent on the day you have selected. The greeting card will only be sent digitally by e-mail as a hyperlink!

Questions and answers

An online group card is a purely virtual greeting card that you can use to celebrate the occasions of your loved ones. The digital group card can be easily shared and signed by multiple people. You can send it to your colleagues, friends and family members. The greeting card you create is unique and can be filled with fun messages like photos, videos, emojis and GIFs.

Our greeting cards are digital, online-only greeting cards. You choose a card, purchase it, and have multiple people sign it by sharing the link. Once everyone has signed, you can send the group card to the recipient by sending the hyperlink yourself or setting a time to send it automatically.

You can find a detailed description above, under "How does Ocardoo work?"

The group greeting card can be signed by any number of people. There is no limit. The signatures can be as long as there is room on a single page. If that's not enough for you, you can sign more than once!

There are two options.

Option 1: Simply copy the link (button: "Copy link to editor") and share it manually with your well-wishers who are to participate in the design of the greeting card, e.g. by e-mail, WhatsApp, etc.

Option 2: You enter the names and e-mail addresses directly under "Invite congratulants to participate". The invitations to participate will be sent automatically via e-mail through Ocardoo.

You can see the invited people in the list at the bottom.

Yes - everyone who has access to the card can see what others have written. As a buyer of the greeting card you even have the possibility to delete all entries (no matter from whom). You can also move the entries, but you cannot change the content!

After purchasing your greeting card, you can unfortunately no longer change the motif.

Yes - you can. Simply select the desired number of recipients under "Number of recipients". However, if you need different motifs, then just take a look at our Paket-Modelle / Volumenpakete an.

Let your ideas run wild - there is no page limit. However, the recipient will receive only the filled pages. The blank pages thus disappear with the finished greeting card.

The greeting card can be sent directly via Ocardoo automatically by e-mail and/or by SMS via link. The greeting card is sent only in digital form via hyperlink.

There are also two options here!

Option 1: Manual

You can send the greeting card yourself (no matter when) via hyperlink. To do this, you activate the manual dispatch "I would prefer to send the Ocardoo greeting card independently!" and copy the link. You can send this link to the recipient yourself, e.g. via WhatsApp or e-mail.

Option 2: Via the system

You enter the email address and / or mobile phone number and schedule the automatic dispatch. The card will now be sent automatically via Ocardoo.

Sure! Once the greeting card is sent, you (customer) and the recipient can download the greeting card as a PDF file.

If you choose the basic model, you can add texts, photos, gifs and emojis. The premium model additionally offers the addition of audio and video files.

No, unfortunately that is not possible. If you are unsure, we recommend the premium model.

Only the people you share the link with will have access to your greeting card. Also our team will not look into your greeting card without your explicit consent. 

Your greeting card will never be deleted by us and will always be available online. In addition, you have the option to download the greeting card as a PDF file and keep it in a safe place.

Data protection

Only the people you share the link with will have access to your greeting card. Also our team will not look into your greeting card without your explicit consent. 

The data you provide us with is safe with us, as we work in a strictly DSGVO-compliant manner. We use them exclusively for order processing. We do not use your data for any advertising purposes or similar and do not pass them on to third parties who are not necessary for the provision of services.

No! We only use them to process the order placed. 

Who is who?


The orderer / initiator / buyer of the greeting card is the "customer / client".


The signatories/signers are the congratulators. All persons joining in the greeting card


The recipient of the greeting card is the person for whom the greeting card is intended. Example: The birthday girl

Shortly explained

Example: Birthday

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