Happy Card Linen

The elegant PREMIUM hardcover video book - that can even play videos with sound!

Premium hardcover linen photo book

A timeless and luxury hardcover fine linen video book with 7 inch IPS high resolution and stunning screen. No matter what angle you look at the display, it's always perfectly visible.

Functions and data

Happy Card Hardcover Fine Linen

High quality premium product

A high quality video book with a large IPS display (16:9) and integrated audio. Automatically plays the video. Thanks to the buttons just below the display, you can fast forward and rewind.

Fine linen hardcover

Not to be compared with cheap and thin cover. This is really a premium product. The feeling when you hold the video book in your hands is simply unique!

Size & Weight

The Happy Card is 215*152*14.5mm and offers a total of 4 GB storage capacity and an IPS display size of 7 inches and weighs about 550 grams

Bring memories to life!

Let Happy Card tell your story! Premium video books with display and audio

The perfect gift!

Our Happy Cards are great for gift giving! Enriches any bookshelf and is ready to use at any time.

Always ready for playback

Opening the video book cover will instantly play your favorite video and bring the memories to life!

Simple operation

No matter who holds it in their hands - it's simple and easy to use, without a lot of bells and whistles. Open the cover and close it again. That's it!

Premium quality

The video books not only provide more memories and emotions, but are also of high premium quality.


Technical Information & FAQs

Happy Card Hardcover Fine Linen


Proud 7" IPS high resolution screen. No matter from which angle you look, the picture is always excellent!

Storage capacity

The Happy Card has an impressive 4 GB storage capacity. You can also upload multiple videos and play them one after the other


Integrated speaker for maximum attention. Via button buttons louder and quieter possible!

Rechargeable battery life

Our line video cards provide approximately 4 hours of run time when fully charged (2500mah Li battery).

Simple video playback

The video can be easily re-recorded on the computer using the included USB cable.

Video start automatically

The video starts automatically when you open the card and stops automatically when you close the card. The video card is sent charged.

This depends on various factors (resolution, quality of the video, etc.). However, you can load and play up to 2 hours (+ / -) of video(s).

However, for the best viewer experience, we recommend a video length of up to 10 minutes!

For our service, your video should not be larger than 1 GB. Of course you can use your Happy Card to its full capacity (4 GB). For special requests or larger order quantities, there are separate rules. Please contact us if you have a special requirement.

MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, ANI, etc.

The Happy Card has three buttons to control the video:

  • Play / Pause
  • previous video
  • Next video
  • Volume control +
  • Volume control -

Yes - the video brochure can be easily connected to the computer and deleted or a new video uploaded using the supplied USB cable.

1 x Videocard

1 x Standard Micro USB cable

Good to know & privacy

We treat your video STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL! This means that we upload your video as a file to the Happy Card and briefly (the first few seconds of your video) check if the video has been uploaded properly and is running. After sending the package, your video will be removed from our server and from all Drives deleted. We neither use your video for other purposes nor do we pass it on! We use it exclusively for the processing of the transacted order.

The data you provide us with is safe with us, as we work in a strictly DSGVO-compliant manner. We use them exclusively for order processing. We do not use your data for any advertising purposes or similar and do not pass them on to third parties who are not necessary for the provision of services.

Personalized video book

A very personal and special book! Personalized video books are just perfect to keep a very personal video. Choose your very own and personal book title and we will make the your happy card. The choice is yours; your names, a saying, a phrase, a title....whatever you like! Optionally also with second row. This is best suited for date!
We have two foil colors to choose from: gold and black!

Also, you can send us your video and we'll play it for you in advance. That way, your video book is ready to play when you or your gift recipient receives it.

Impress your family, friends or work colleagues with Happy Card for very special occasions. Relive very special events over and over again. Ready to hand and at any time!

Great ways to use your Happy Card to perfection!